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Course 1 12 July,17:30-21:00

Lesson 1

In this new free course we will be creating a series of workshops that contain both activities and discussions that focus on a particular ideas or topic.

In this first lesson will be focused on thinking, discussing and exploring unlearning.
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Event 17 May 2018/ 12:00 - 13:00
By Matt

Call for Volunteers: New Quarterly Artist-Led Magazine

We would like to meet with artists who would like to help create a new quarterly artist led magazine.

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Event Deadline 15 May 2018/ 23.55
By Matt

One Day Symposium

Papers are invited for a one-day symposium intended to consider the development of abstract painting during the 1980s in the UK. This Symposium is co-hosted by the Visual Arts Research Group (Coventry University) and the Herbert Museum and Art Gallery.

Find more details at:

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Open Call DEADLINE 31 May / 18:00
By Matt

Call for Workshops

We are looking for artists who may be interested in devising a workshop at Class Room. This could be a group talk, practical workshop or event.

The workshop programme has a materials budget for each session, and there is also a bursary of £200 for an artist to led each workshop.

If you wish to apply please send a cv, short statement about the workshop you would like to create (200-500 words) and contact details. This can be sent to Matthew at

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Events 24 May / 17:30–20:30
By Matt

Pizza Crit

A crit is a common learning exercise used in Arts Higher Education which offers a student the opportunity to present their work to other students and discuss possible ways of progressing and developing work.

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